A Greater Oneness

Man, I goin Englan to speed up
what Empire start – that scorn, self-love and pride, I will
put together with humility.

I believe daylight and night-time are partners.
Night covers the day with arms like wings
to leave earth to gestate.

Man, I believe daylight and night-time married
and do proliferate Nature's children –

Man, I see it that all faces of difference
will come together with one face –

walking with multifarious faces,
with love, with peace, with essential growing.

Man, from where this world has come
we cannot be chance-experiment.
We are willing learners and givers
from provisions given.

Man, cruelty is our early wildness
to be more and more tamed
into the untarnished glow of lovingness.

Man – I goin to Englan
to help speed up Englan
into a greater oneness
with an ever growing humanity.

James Berry

James Berry